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Before reaching out, see if any of these common problems relate to you.

  • How do I add more users?

    To add more users to your account, submit a support request below with the users name, email address, and pages you'd like them to be able to edit. They will receive an invite from us to setup their account and begin editing content on your site.

  • Why can't I edit something on my site?

    The editing capability on your site is customized based on your site's design. If you are unable to edit a portion of your site, it's because doing so could break the design of the page. For these types of changes, it may be best to contact us to request a change.

    If you believe this is a mistake, or you would like more editing capability to be added, please get in touch and let us know! We'd be happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.

  • A page is missing when I go to edit

    This can be caused for a couple of reasons:
    You either don't have permission to edit that page, or
    Editing that page has been disabled
    To resolve this, shoot us a quick email with the URL of the page that's giving you troubles and we'll get to the bottom of it!

  • How do I update my payment info?

    When you receive a new invoice, a link to update your credit card or bank info will be included in the email. If your card has expired, you will be prompted to update it before it is charged.

    If you'd like to change your payment info for a different reason, contact us.

Just need instructions?

Your site is built with a custom Content Management System (CMS). Download the user's manual here.

Download Manual

Still need help?

Please describe your issue with as much detail as possible using the form.

Don't forget to include your domain name or URL of the specific page that's giving your trouble.

If you prefer, you can also email or call directly
(785) 422-6099